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Both Velociraptors and the dinosaurs that movie ‘raptors’ were actually based on belong to the same dinosaur family – Dromaeosauridae. Velociraptor is a Latin word that literally translates to “swift robber.” This species was found in Eastern Asian regions of what we know today as Mongolia and China. Viceroys have a specific preference for mating in the afternoons. But an even more interesting breeding fact about butterflies, in general, is that more than two generations hatch and live throughout a single season. That triangular extension on top of its head is called a casque.

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  • All of these species are closely related and have the same distinctive feeding habits, as they are the only known animals that are entirely dependent on blood for survival.
  • Atlantic Cod — One of the most important fishes for commercial fishing in Northern America and Europe.
  • The Victoria collared lemming is a small rodent well-adapted to cold climates.
  • Vultures has weak feet and legs so they do not carry prey back to their chicks.
  • Quaggas have been extinct since 1878, but luckily, there has been one photograph of their species’ existence.

In North America, they live in Mexico and Arizona, preferring humid forest habitats. These bats are known to fly high among fig trees since their favorite meal is figs. Vultures are a family of birds that are found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are scavengers that feed on the carcasses of dead animals.

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As of now, 70 species of voles are known and they are known for their blunt noses, small furry ears where can i buy ladybugs near me , dense brown fur and a tail with no fur. The viper snakes has two hollow fangs situated in front of the mouth and connected with a rotating maxillary bone. Vicuna is the national animal of Peru and appears on the Peruvian coat of arms. The South American camelids range from the Andes of southern Peru, western Bolivia, northwestern Argentina, and northern Chile. Vicuna is the smallest living species among the family Camelidae. The avarage lifespan is upto 30 years and the animal gestation period is upto 30 years.

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However, they return to cold ocean waters throughout the rest of the year. The Vimba Vimba has many different names, including the zarte, zanthe, vimba bream, or simply vimba. These frogs were able to avoid the sight of people thanks to their ability to blend in with the high canopy of leaves that they live in. The largest member of the Vireo family is the Green-Shrike vireo. Normally, Vervet monkeys will only eat leaves, fruits, grass seeds, and roots. They live in the Acadia woodlands near streams, rivers, and lakes where food is most abundant.

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Despite its tiny size, this aquatic critter has some unique features and capabilities. First, it has transparent eggs where you can see the transformation inside. The zebrafish can also repair its damaged heart muscle, a peculiar ability that has caught the attention of various scientists. They also use the genome of the zebrafish in studying genetic mutations.

They have large fangs which can be folded back to allow the fish’s mouth to close. With 271 species, the pit vipers are the most numerous subfamily of vipers. Pit vipers have heat-sensing “pit organs” between their eyes and their nostrils, giving them a “sixth sense” for finding prey. The vicuña lives at high altitudes in the Andes, and is present in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

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Nutritional yeast is a common substitute for the taste of cheese in vegan recipes. Cheese substitutes can be made at home, including from nuts, such as cashews. Yoghurt and cream products can be replaced with plant-based products such as soy yoghurt. Vegans replace personal care products and household cleaners containing animal products with products that are vegan.