Greening the Workplace Boosts Productivity

In a time when environmental issues are top of mind, many companies are rethinking their processes. Greening the workplace can mean many things, ranging from changing building materials to utilising environmentally safe office cleaning products as well as non-toxic plants. This will not only have a positive effect on the environment but also improve productivity, as it will help employees be healthier and more productive.

Research has shown that the natural elements in a green workspace can increase productivity of employees by as much as 15 percent. This is because plants produce an atmosphere of Biophilia, meaning they can make people feel more connected to nature. It is believed that this sense of connection decreases stress levels and improves concentration. This can lead to increased efficiency in the workplace.

Other easy ways to go green in the workplace include cutting down on the amount paper used by using digital forms, shutting off lights and appliances when they are not in use, and installing energy efficient lighting. Leaving computers in power-saving mode or in sleep mode can save a significant amount of energy too. The team at Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning also suggests using eco-friendly materials to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide.

It is important to act in a timely manner, since buildings generate a significant portion of world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Emission-cutting initiatives are inexpensive and can be carried out quickly and have a substantial impact on the overall environmental impact. Additionally, they can reduce operating expenses, increase productivity, and decrease turnover as well.

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